if you ever want to earn a one way ticket out of my life tell me asexual erasure isn’t a real thing/that asexuals aren’t real

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I love my gay best friend!


yes, im straight

yes, im a christian

yes, I love my gay best friend

I dont like her sin, cuz it leads to death

but i love her cuz shes awesome

I want to show her that not all christian judge by peoples sins

some are like Christ and love beyond them

I found this just a bit disturbing. And I thought life leads to death, not sins.

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I get that there’s quite a lot of bullshit out there from some of the ‘Allies’ that does come across as really patronising and misguided, and I can’t say I like that.

At the same time, I constantly see people in the LQBTQIA community who seem to drop everything to spout hatred every time someone outside of the community mentions supporting them. I see so much “YOU oppressed us, YOU did all this shit, YOU didn’t allow us rights, and now YOU are pretending to be supportive” and it confuses me. Why act as if everyone of a different sexuality had a personal hand in oppressing people of your sexuality - something none of us can just “choose”. I’m not denying that people have had a huge struggle for rights, here - but not every straight person you come across has played a part in oppressing people, so don’t hold a personal vendetta against all straight people because generalisation isn’t good.

It strikes me as similar to if I said to any man who supported me (take my brother, for example, who supports me and my rights to do the same things as him more than anyone else I know) “YOU have no right to tell me you support me because YOU are a man and YOU stopped us from being able to vote for years and YOU made us slaves to the kitchen and YOU oppressed us”. Bullshit, because he isn’t responsible for anything every man in history has ever done, just the same as he, being straight, is not responsible for anything all the straight people in history have ever done.

I want support from my family and friends, and understanding (at least) from others, so that I can just be me. When I get that support, I don’t turn on them for it. I appreciate it.

"We want support and rights!"
“Okay, then, we’re going to support you and your rights!”
“Yay. Fuck you forever for oppressing us.”

Just seems a little ridiculous for me.


Sometimes I reblog a lot of lesbian stuff, not because I’m a lesbian but to bother some of my homophobic followers. Love is love so get over it.

So the gist of this is that you enjoy reblogging things including groups of people just to upset people, not because you support them. And maybe you do support them and just worded that terribly, reducing a group of people to a thing to use to deliberately get on people’s nerves.

"Sometimes I reblog a lot of cat stuff, not because I’m a cat but to bother some of my cat-phobic followers. Felines are felines so get over it."

Makes about as much sense.

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wow that is a big ask for a man 2 do without dont u think?

Ah, the “you’re so selfish” thing again.

If I’m in a position where I feel like I’d potentially end up in a relationship with someone, I like to make it clear from the outset how I feel about things, so someone can decide whether it’s something they’re happy with or not.  If there’s not a place where we can both be happy, then I wouldn’t try to go there.  No nasty surprises somewhere down the line.

I don’t expect anyone to do anything they don’t want to do for me.  Just as I don’t expect anyone to make me do something I don’t want to do for them.

I’m not beyond talking things through with people and seeing if we can find a way to work things out that pleases us both, but if someone makes it clear from the start that sex is the most important thing to them, I wouldn’t get into a relationship with them, because I couldn’t give them what they want from a relationship.

I’m not ignorant to the difficulties of finding someone who’ll be right for me.  But I’m not desperate.  In fact, I could wait a lifetime.  I’m not unhappy living as I am at the moment.  If I do find someone right for me, I’ll be delighted.  If not, my life’s full of other wonderful people, things and experiences.



things you can do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • get married (with parental permission)
  • start a family
  • join the army where they use guns and bombs and shit
  • move out

things you can’t do in the uk at 16 years of age

  • buy a pair of scissors

are you serious

And you can’t buy grenadine syrup in ASDA, since it’s beside the alcohol. Despite the fact that it mentions children drinking it on the bottle. And it saying ‘non-alcoholic’ on the front.

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You never know, things might change if you get a boyfriend!
Things I hear consistently.  Ugh.



DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH BY crowley-has-the-phone-box

This is SO my sister. :P

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The fact that people are more open to allies being a part of the LBGTQIA community than letting asexuals in honestly disgusts me.

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